SwingColumbus & the Whirlybirds

We had a great night dancing to the Whirlybirds and watching Team SwingColumbus perform their winning routine from Dayton Swing Smackdown!  

Dayton Swing Smackdown 2017

The team swing dance competition holds a special place in my heart. Congratulations to all the competitors, it was so much fun to watch you perform! Check out SwingColumbus on YouTube to see the videos. Please do not crop out my watermark if you intend to use these photos.  

Shannon & Jason’s Black Tie Party

It’s become a tradition among my friends to host a black tie-themed party around the holidays. Shannon and Jason were kind enough to open up their lovely home and we all dressed up for the occasion!    

Hailey & Ebiji at Home

Hailey and Ebiji needed new family photos now that Sawyer is part of their lives. He’s such a sweet boy! We had fun running around their apartment complex finding the perfect shots.