PupArt 2017 // Friends of the Shelter Charity Event

was very excited to offer my services to support and sponsor the Friends of the Shelter PupArt 2017 event, held at the Peggy R.McConnell Arts Center in Worthington, Ohio. It was a smallish event with roughly 100 attendants, including artists, a live band, and pups from the Franklin County Shelter. 

Shelby & Danny’s Foster Announcement

I had so much fun with Shelby and Danny last year for their anniversary mini-shoot, and was THRILLED when they asked me to help with their foster announcement!  

Abby & Kofi in the Park of Roses

I kind of love photographing DIY weddings. There’s so much love and attention to detail! This was especially true of Abby and Kofi’s wedding. The wedding was at a gazebo in the Whetstone Park of Roses, and the reception was at the Park of Roses shelter house. The event was catered by Olive Garden. They…

Balboa House Party at Ethel’s

The Balboa House Party was something my husband (then boyfriend) used to run years ago. It was wonderful to see it resurrected with love by some dancers who missed a night of balboa, with a full hour lesson.  

Ebisinde’s Bridal Shower

It was so much fun to use Pinterest to find good ideas for my sister’s bridal shower! These ladies were wonderful, they helped so much with setting up to make everything perfect. Six days until the wedding! Congrats Ebisinde and Zak! #lovingyouisEZ