SAVVY Movement Arts with Megan

Oh. My. Gosh. You guys! Savvy Movement Arts has to be the coolest, most empowering approach to yoga and body awareness that I’ve ever seen. Savvy stands for “Strong Agile Versatile Voluptuous Youthful,” Movement Arts and I think you’ll get an idea when you see these photos!



The session started with an invitation to become the child within, as the theme for this week’s Savvy was “Youthful.” Standards like Child’s Pose were used, but also, to lose your inhibitions and move through the instructions as if you were a child.



From there, Megan led a warm up to some swing jazz favorites, which had me itching to join in. You guys, I’m fully conditioned to triple step when swing jazz music begins.



This is where the session transitioned into body awareness. Megan encouraged the students to find their inner animals, and to “move through their anger” of whatever they might be angry about (like how we had beautiful weather yesterday, and ice on the roads this morning). Embrace your inner child and throw that tantrum! Leap like a frog!

Megan even had “play stations” where everyone got to use childhood toys and move around the space with them. The session finally did wind down with some bird pose practice, and finally, a wonderful namaste where Megan said, “The child within me salutes the child within you.” I love it.

From Megan’s website,

Once upon a time, a creative decided to combine all of her outlets and talents into one experience. That creative is Megan Adair, and Savvy is the result! Savvy is a meditative movement program designed to integrate body-mind-spirit through dance, yoga, meditation, isometric strength training, and visualization. Each class is unique and filled with variety. Savvy is strong, agile, versatile, voluptuous, and youthful. You are Savvy.

If you’d like to attend one of Megan’s sessions, follow Savvy Movement Arts on Facebook. They meet weekly at The Art of Yoga on West Rich Street in Franklinton. Here are more favorite pics!



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