Lee’s Birthday at Eat Purr Love Cafe

Lee’s birthday was an entire day of festivities, but alas, I was only able to attend the first part of the day at Eat Purr Love Cafe. This Clintonville place is the best! When you enter, you’re able to purchase coffee and tea drinks, and while your drink is brewing, you sign a waiver about how you promise to treat the cats, all of which are adoptable, with respect and kindness.


Each cat has a color-coded collar which lets you know whether the cat is friendly, a little scared, or a little aggressive, letting you modify your behavior around them.

Lee is a huge cat lover, and apparently has own black cats his entire life, which is so great. I had no idea that people won’t adopt black cats due to superstition. Or worse, will adopt black cats around Halloween only to be mean to them (to put it lightly), so cat adoption shops often close down in October to protect these precious little animals.

Eat Purr Love Cat Cafe is in Clintonville, and open to groups if you call ahead. It’s a lot of fun, and I suggest checking it out as long as you don’t have a severe allergy. I have a slight one, and I totally enjoyed myself!

If you have pets you want to capture, send me a line asking for a lifestyle shoot. I love fur-babies.

If you believe your pet is about to walk on the Rainbow Bridge, make a note of that in your session request. Those sessions are free, and I am honored to capture your loved ones’ last moments.

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