Ali, Sawyer, & Mathilda

This was one of my first shoots with my new Sony mirrorless camera, and I was immediately in love, both with the camera and these little kitties! Ali invited me over to capture her cats, a brother and sister combination who couldn’t be more different. As soon as I walked in, I noticed this awesome little tea towel and had to take a photo.


But back to the cats! Sawyer is adventurous and unafraid. He leaps around the room and demands acknowledgment and recognition.


Mathilda is a shy, introspective little thing who requires coaxing before being loved on, so sweet!


We wanted to capture each cat’s personality, so we let them roam in their home like they were used to, and I would snap shots when the opportunity struck. These really are the sweetest cats, I swear they’re almost dog-like with their interest in cuddling!

If you have pets you want to capture, send me a line asking for a lifestyle shoot. I love fur-babies.

If you believe your pet is about to walk on the Rainbow Bridge, make a note of that in your session request. Those sessions are free, and I am honored to capture your loved ones’ last moments.

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