Amy & Benny the Puppy

I cannot put into words just how much I enjoyed photographing Benny the puppy in September. Benny belongs to my high school best friend, Amy. I’ve been watching her instagram fill with Benny photos and was super excited when she asked me to capture this milestone for her!


At one year old, this little guy is charming and curious. Benny loves to run around his newly fenced yard, and since he’s a working breed, needs to carry something in his mouth on walks.


Amy works for BarkBox, and once managed a doggie daycare, so she knows a lot about training pups to behave and feel comfortable, no matter their environment.


She posted this lovely comment on her Facebook:

I think we often think about “control” when we think about training, but it’s really all about trust. I trust Benny’s internal sense of his surroundings, what those surroundings make him feel, and his limits. He trusts me to always be there and to guide him into safe and positive experiences. In turn he also learns to trust himself, and his wonderful personality and temperament shine through.

Okay, that’s enough talk for now. Here’s Benny in all his 1-year-old glory!


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