SwingColumbus Instructor Shoot

I had so much fun photographing the volunteer dance instructors of SwingColumbus, at a local yoga studio, Yoga-Well-Being. It was a small shoot with roughly nine of our thirteen instructors present.


This is the first time we’ve done a real photoshoot highlighting our instructors. Myself and Tony Deng took photos at the request of the instructor chair. The photos we were using for our Facebook events were pretty old… people change over time!


Everyone was dressed for a live band, and they danced to one of my old DJ sets (yup, I DJ for swing dances, too). Daniel, the instructor chair, used my matrix of dances vs dancers to help call up each instructor. This made sure we had each style of dance, and each instructor, photographed and ready to display on a Facebook event.


Sipra from Yoga-Well-Being was awesome about letting us use her studio for this shoot! The light was just right mid-afternoon, and the mirror behind me reflected back onto our instructors’ happy faces.


If you’re interested in learning how to swing dance socially, please head over to SwingColumbus. We have weekly dances on Wednesday with drop in East Coast Swing lesson, a rotation of progressive lessons on Thursdays, quarterly Saturday dances, and two big weekend events in the spring and fall.

I mean really, who wouldn’t want to learn how to dance from these folks?

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