Matsuricon 2017 in Columbus, Ohio

I had a blast in August photographing mini-sessions for Matsuricon 2017 attendees, held at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Matsuricon was a decent-sized anime convention with roughly 200 attendants, including manga (comic book) artists, anime voice actors, and anime lovers in costume (cosplay).


Mila from Emblem Fire Echoes

All the cosplayers showed up with lots of spirit and enthusiasm. I had other commitments that weekend, including the Friends of the Shelter PupArt charity event, so I was only able to attend during the day. That didn’t stop us from getting some great shots of amazing costumes, though!

Ryūnosuke from Bungo Stray Dogs // Shineko Cosplay

These cosplayers put so much time and energy into their costumes, they look like the characters walked off the screen and into Columbus!


Anthy from Revolutionary Girl Utena // Rory Cakes Cosplay

Most of my shots were at the fountain across from the Hyatt. The light was great there, especially before 1 PM. Gotta chase that shade, though as you can see above, the dappled light was also quite beautiful at highlighting our cosplayers.

Odette from The Swan Princess // Neko-Chan Cosplay

I was glad to have been there for all the excitement and happy to share some of that excitement with you here. Hope you enjoy the pictures!




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